Genji Shuriken Spinner

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This plastic fidget spinner with comes with the best ceramic bearing. They perform better than a stainless steel bearing as they're relatively maintenance-free, and offer a consistently smooth spin. The spin time can go well above 2 minutes for most spinners with ceramic bearings — great for when you’re on a budget but still want the fastest and smoothest fidget spinner you can get. 


Colour: Silver / Gold / Black

Material: Plastic

Bearing: Stainless steel

Spin time: 1+ minutes

Our Promise

Fidget spinners are great toys to carry with you everyday (aka. EDC or Everyday Carry) and everywhere. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket — perfect for when you need to release stress, have better focus, or generally just help you curb unwanted habits.

OZ Spinners guarantees only the best fidget spinners with the highest quality material you can get for its price. We test every fidget spinners in our store and only sell those we're happy with. We really appreciate your support shopping on OZ Spinners!