About Us

OZ Spinners is an online fidget spinner toy store based in Australia. We curate and sells the highest quality fidget spinners especially for our customers in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Europe. Our large collection of fidget spinners ranges from plastic fidget spinners, 3d-printed fidget spinners, dual-bar fidget spinners, tri-bar fidget spinners to metal fidget spinners.

All OZ Spinners fidget spinners are guaranteed to be the best at its price point, made from high-quality material, spin super fast and smooth and best of all, comes with free shipping in Australia, United States, United Kingdon, Canada and worldwide!


What is a fidget spinner?

A fidget spinner is small toy aka. an EDC (Everyday Carry) that fits in your pocket and can be carried around with you everywhere. It keeps your mind occupied and have been known to help its users reduce stress and anxiety, and curb their ADD and other unwanted habits like nail biting or smoking. If you constantly find yourself fidgeting, you'll definitely find the fidget spinner as the most addictive toy in 2017.

Lewis from Unbox Therapy did an excellent review mentioning why a fidget spinner is so addictive. We at OZ Spinners approve of this ;)

Type of fidget spinners

At OZ Spinners, we pride ourselves in having all type of fidget spinners you could possibly want. The most basic of fidget spinners is a dual-bar plastic fidget spinner. These may come with either stainless steel or ceramic bearing for the main bearing and will have two other bearings serving as weight. Next, we have the tri-bar plastic fidget spinner. This is similar to a dual-bar plastic fidget spinner except that it has three weights instead of two, and are typically easier to handle and may spin longer with the extra weight. Going up the list is a quad-bar fidget spinner, which is slightly rarer, but every bit as good as the other two spinners. The plastic fidget spinners at OZ Spinners are made with the highest quality plastic making them highly durable for everyday use.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are metal fidget spinners. Two of the most popular metal fidget spinners on OZ Spinners are brass spinners, and aluminium spinners. But there are also other materials used at times like copper, stainless steel and titanium. Metal fidget spinners usually spin longer compared to the plastic spinners, and are generally more durable. The extra weight on the metal fidget spinners helps keep them spinning more smoothly, and spin faster than the plastic counterpart.